Accepted to multiple universities? Here’s how to make the final decision.

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Accepted to multiple universities?

Here’s how to make the final decision.

Applying Abroad | March 16, 2020

After going through an arduous process of applying to several universities, and thereafter waiting for their decisions, receiving acceptances bring a big relief for the students. With most of the students applying to several universities, many receive multiple acceptances. If you are one of those with several acceptance offers, congratulations for this achievement. The choice is easy for you if one of the universities to offer admissions is your most sought-after DREAM college. However, we know that students do have more than one on their list and that can make the decision making very difficult. We have put together some guidelines to help you make an informed and wise choice between multiple acceptances.

  1. Review list of universities that you applied to. If you have done an elaborate exercise of making notes on each university while shortlisting them for applications, it is time to go through them once again. If you haven’t, then now is the time to go make them.
  2. Read through the program you have been accepted to in details. Same program offered by two universities may be different in structure and approach. Select the one which is best fit for your long-term goal.
  3. Compare the cost of attending each university you have been accepted to. Have you been offered a scholarship or have been granted financial aid or assistance? If yes, then it can largely affect your choice of university. If you plan to take up a part time job, compare the ease of availability of jobs at each of these places.
  4. Reach out for more information. Alumni, student associations and university student representatives can help you with more information regarding the program and what it means to study in that university.
  5. Besides weighing the academic and extracurricular opportunities offered, also compare the diversity of students on campus, the size of the town/city and other factors specific to your comfort, since you will spend next couple of years in that place.

Each university offers a plethora of opportunities for students to develop into successful leaders and achievers. You will be able to utilize these opportunities only if you feel you are at the place which best FITS your goals and personality. So do thorough research and try to align them with your aim, to reach a wise decision.

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